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3/31/2010            5              DELICIOUS!!!!! It doesn't get any better than this...sweet, salty, crunchy,chocolate-y....Mmmmmm!

8/27/2010            5              THESE LITTLE YUMMY TREATS ARE TO DIE FOR!!! SO DELICIOUS. 

2/12/2011            5              DB chocolate covered pretzels are absolutely to die for!

11/18/2011         5              I have been in love with chocolate potato chips (and potato chip bark) from David Bradley for a few years now. It melts in your mouth! by FAR, the best item in the store!! Delicious! Won't let you down. I love dark chooclate but I prefer the milk for this heavenly treat!

2/5/2012              5              A friend gave me a snack bag of these for Christmas.  I had already tasted David Bradley Chocolates at a nearby gift shop, and loved them.  These potato chips are out of this world!!  Superior chocolate.

2/16/2012            5              These are the only Non-Pareils we buy!

4/30/2012            5              Awesome! My boss gave me as a gift last week. The pretzels and oreos are delicious.

8/2/2012              5              I love these! They are my favorite! I have been searching for these candies and am so happy to finally find them. I should have gotten a bigger bag though!

11/27/2012         5              We've been sending David Bradley chocolates to our customers for years. Good tasting, quality chocolates that are always well received with raves!!  Dependable shipping!

7/16/2013            5              OMG!!! What a great tasting product you have. It's not your kid's chocolates. It's rich flavorful and the dark chocolate has a rich, smooth fruity flavor. I'll be getting more soon :-)

1/2/2014              5              I had not had your chocolate before and was sent this 6 piece sampler as a holiday thank you from a vendor we do business with.  I am not a regular chocolate eater, meaning I don't seek it out like the rest of my family.  All I have to say is that I am NOT sharing this little box full of delights!  The chocolate is high quality and the assortment in the box is just right!  Loved it all!  We may be reaching out to your company in the future to send some things to our clients.  Happy New Year and thank you!

1/12/2014            5              My boyfriend & I went in to the store this weekend and picked these up. They were delicious! The caramel was smooth and creamy, and you could tell these were fresh. Way better than any chocolates picked up from a grocery store. We will definitely be returning to try out some more tasty treats!

2/1/2015              5              We just discovered your heavenly store yesterday. We purchased the chocolate covered marshmallows, among other items. We came home and made S'mores in the oven. We put one of these decadent marshmallows between two graham crackers, then wrapped it in tin foil and baked them in the oven. I have to tell you, my whole family was in S'mores Heaven and we will definitely be back to get "s'more" chocolate covered marshmallows!! Thank you for a perfect winter treat!

2/1/2015              5              I am addicted to David Bradley dark chocolate.  One of my favorites is dark chocolate almond bark.  Whether it is the almond bark, non-parells, chocolate covered graham crackers and fruit, oreo's etc.  Every night I cannot pass up a piece of chocolate.  They say dark chocolate is healthy and I am proving it.  Every time my chocolate stash is finished, I find my way back to David Bradley's to stock up.  I love it!                     

2/1/2015              5              I love LOVE LOVE these!!! Salty and sweet with dark chocolate!

2/1/2015              5              The sea salt carmels are so incredibly amazing!! The combination of salty and sweet is truely delightful! You can't eat just one.  Dark chocolate it my favorite.

2/3/2015              5              I have celiac, so these are my go to treats. Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate are the ones I like to mix.  Carmel apples I can't have any more so these take the place. Excellent!

2/3/2015              5              Dark Chocolate Pretzels are excellent.  I get them every time Im there.

2/3/2015              5              Awesome combination of sweet high quality chocolate and salty pretzels.  Best combination I have found!!  Everyone I know loves them, but I don't want to share.

2/3/2015              5              The chocolate covered apple slices are delicious.  The apple and chocolate taste is great together. My entire family enjoys eating them.

2/3/2015              5              The peanut butter smoothies are a great combination of peanut butter and chocolate.  The peanut butter tastes great with the chocolate and melts in your mouth.  I would highly recommend these to peanut butter/chocolate lovers.

2/3/2015              5              David Bradley's dark chocolate non-pareils are my family's favorite chocolate. We enjoy them every celebration: Easter, Christmas, Valentine's day, Mother's day, Father's day and birthdays. They taste delicious and we love to share them with our relatives and friends who also think they are delicious.

2/3/2015              5              The zany nuggets are my favorite. They are crunchy little chocolates that leave the toffee pieces after the chocolate melts asay. Delicious.

2/3/2015              4              I gave the chocolate covered bacon as Christmas gifts at the office. Everyone loved it. The bacon gives it a salty balance to the sweet of the chocolate.

2/3/2015              4              You can't eat just one.  These caramels have a smooth rich taste and the sea salt just rings the favor out more.

2/4/2015              5              These are the most delicious items ever!!!!  Salt and chocolate - perfect combination.  Highly'll never be disappointed!!! I've gotten them in both milk and dark.

2/5/2015              5              bought this for my MD office staff and since then I have been receiving  proper treatment and witnessing the glistening glitter in their teeth  keep up the sweets DB

2/5/2015              5              Best ever!

2/5/2015              5              My girlfriend and I stopped here for the first time last weekend and picked these up.  We both thought the caramels were fresh, creamy and quite tasty.  Would highly recommend if you like caramels!

2/5/2015              5              Bought these for my 9 year old daughter.  She loved them and I thought they were great too!  Nice and soft and obviously fresh!

2/5/2015              5              The chocolate covered grahams are awesome.  I especially like the ones with the candy hearts for Valentine's Day.  I have bought numerous ones for gifts.

2/5/2015              5              The dark chocolate graham cookies are addictive. Sooo good.

2/5/2015              5              Love the dark chocolate grape clusters.  There is something about that burst of juice mingled with the dark chocolate that is just wonderful

2/5/2015              5              My husband would eat this each and every day if he could!  It's delicious.  When my parents come down for a visit, David Bradley is a must stop. 

2/5/2015              5              Love these- one of my favorites! Sweet and salty- yummy!

2/5/2015              5              I was skeptical at first- but one bite was all it took! The apples are so fresh and the chocolate is creamy - together they are perfect!!

2/6/2015              5              The dark chocolate is amazing.

2/6/2015              5              This is a great all-around gift for all reasons.  Great for a gift for a hostess, get-well gift, birthday, and all holidays.  Priced at $27.95 it is affordable, scrumptious to eat, and comes with a bright, shiny, silver tray.

2/6/2015              5              David Bradley's dark chocolate salted caramels are my favorite. The mix of chocolate, salt, and caramel blend together into a succulent combination of flavor.

2/6/2015              5              Like the caramel and chocolate weren't good enough on their own then add sea salt which does magical things to chocolate!

2/6/2015              5              We all loved graham crackers as a treat when we were young but add chocolate and POW, even better!

2/6/2015              5              We get this every year for Thanksgiving and people seriously fight over it, amazing!

2/6/2015              5              Salty and sweet is the best combo ever especially with the crunch of the chips!

2/6/2015              5              Everyone loved chocolate covered pretzels but these crunchy nuggets make it fun to snack with extra crunch!

2/7/2015              5              Great balance of chocolate and caramel. This is a high quality rich chocolate

2/7/2015              5              perfect blend of chocolate and oreos.  good quality chocolate.

2/7/2015              5              This is my favorite.  The marshmallow has great consistency and is not too sweet.

2/7/2015              5              This candy has just enough coconut and the chocolate is rich

2/7/2015              5              OMG! What an amazing find! We followed the signs off of rte. 130 and found a treasure at David Bradley's Chocolate Factory! Everyone was so friendly and helpful. We had never tasted Granny Smith apples dipped in chocolate! One of the sales associates offered us a sample and we were SOLD! We settled on a sample of all of the fruits because it was so delicious!!

2/8/2015              5              Peanut Butter Smoothies are just as the name states, smooth and creamy. I would highly recommend them. But be careful once you have one you can't put them down.

2/8/2015              5              Sometimes less is more...I could write a poem or possibly as ODE to these but in the end it just comes down to this...THEY ARE HEAVENLY!! 

2/8/2015              4              I bought the milk chocolate caramels and I love how they just melt in your mouth.  I would recommend this product. 

2/8/2015              4              I love how the centers are very creamy.  Just melts in your mouth. I recommend this product.

2/8/2015              5              I tried a sample and I love how fresh the pineapple tasted.  The first bite was like a shock to the system and then it was great tasting. I would recommend this product.

2/8/2015              5              Just came home from visiting your store. I have never had the zany chocolates before. Now I am hooked. Bought a bag & can't wait to nibble on them!

2/8/2015              5              I know bacon is a hot commodity these days. It's popularity with so many foods is growing, which is why I had to try your chocolate with bacon. Let's just say it did not disappoint!

2/8/2015              5              These are my husbands favorite. I too enjoy them. We try not to fight!

2/8/2015              5              These are just the perfect "go to". It's basic, but Oh So Good!!!

2/8/2015              5              Well, glad I have a chance to discuss these delicious graham's.  They have always been a favorite since I'm a kid. Yours are delicious....BUT...any chance you could incorporate a little seedless raspberry jam inside? Sure do miss those!

2/8/2015              5              Always a wow! Wish they would last longer, but I suppose that is what makes them even more special. All your chocolate taste good with fruit!

2/8/2015              5              These are my husbands two favorite snacks. Together, well, they are just heaven for him!

2/8/2015              5              Marzipan is one of my favorite types of candy (aside from chocolate)! I know it is not a big seller for you, so today at your store I had to settle for a "sale" marzipan snowman. Oh well, I'm sure it will be delicious anyway!

2/8/2015              5              Didn't think chocolate on grapes would work, but boy does it!

2/8/2015              5              If you are looking for something different, this is it.  David Bradley Chocolate shows you that chocolate is universal and can be paired with almost anything you can imagine. The carmel is delicious, it's absolutely worth the trip.   The chocolate is amazing!!!

2/8/2015              5              This was so delicious! I loved it.

2/8/2015              5              Absolutely delicious!!

2/8/2015              5              So good!

2/8/2015              5              Crunchy and wonderful

2/9/2015              5              Love the chocolate covered pretzels at David Bradley! 

2/9/2015              5              I used to think the the strawberries were the best until I sample tasted the chocolate covered pineapple!  Wow delicious and so fresh!!! 

2/9/2015              5              These are so yummy, they are hard to stop eating!  Whenever I stop by the store I make sure to buy some.  Try them after a little time in the freezer!! :)

2/9/2015              5              This is by far my favorite cheat food of all time! I enjoy the milk chocolate, but the dark chocolate is delicious too. It is exactly the fix I need for my sweet and salty cravings!I am usually not a fan of sweets, but this the by far my favorite.

2/9/2015              5              I came to the store to purchase somethings along the way home, first timer, and to my surprise there was a lovely person handing out samples.  At first bite, it was hooked!  Simply amazing!!!

2/9/2015              5              the smoothness of the caramel just turn into liquid gold, topped by sea salt crystals !!!!

2/9/2015              5              Almond Buttercrunch is my favorite and now David Bradley is my favorite Chocolatier. 

2/9/2015              5              The perfect indulgence! If you are looking for something "worth" treating yourself to, these sea salt toffee pieces are your answer. The combination of crunch, smooth sweetness and salt hit every craving you have. No guilt whatsoever!

2/10/2015            5              David Bradley dark chocolate caramels with sea salt are the perfect combination of sweet and savory in a candy.  The caramel is dark and on the firmer side.  It is not very sweet which I love.  Then you couple it with their decadent dark chocolate and tiny pieces of sea salt and WOW is it good!

2/10/2015            5              The kids went crazy for these. They couldn't think of a better combo.

2/10/2015            5              This is the perfect pms food!!!! You get the salty and the sweet in one delicious bite.

2/10/2015            5              the tartness from the strawberry and the sweetness of the chocolate make this combination simply perfect.

2/10/2015            5              This is a piece of heaven on earth. Bite into this, close your eyes and you will find yourself someplace magical.

2/10/2015            5              Eating this makes me feel like I'm getting away with something that I shouldn't be doing.

2/10/2015            5              My taste buds could barely contain themselves while eating this deliciousness. My tongue was doing a happy dance.

2/10/2015            5              Once you take your first bite it's hard to stop. The tart apple with the sweet chocolate and caramel along with the pretzel crunch is unbelievable!

2/10/2015            5              The candy at David Bradley is the best!!  I just tried the carmels with sea salt today and they are amazing!!!

2/10/2015            5              This definitely made me feel like I was my favorite place to be....the beach with all the delicious boardwalk food smells in the air. Yummy.

2/10/2015            5              Eating this sweet caramel with sea salt is like swimming in a sea of pleasure!

2/10/2015            5              This is my perfect excuse to eat chocolate. I always say the healthy raisins cancels out the calories from the chocolate. Unless its dark

2/10/2015            5              This is my guilty pleasure. chocolate + sweet fruits = perfection

2/10/2015            5              This is one of my favorites.   I always pick up a pack when I visit the shop.   YUM!

2/10/2015            5              Soooooo delicious!  Another favorite of mine.

2/10/2015            5              Chocolate peanut butter is the best flavor combination hands down, and the smoothness of the peanut butter in these chocolates makes it even better.  Without a doubt, the smoothest peanut butter I've ever tasted!  Thanks DB!

2/11/2015            5              DB chocolates make wonderful gifts!

2/11/2015            5              Hooked on these.  When in the area, my car automatically pulls into your driveway.  Have to keep these yummies in the trunk on the way home so I don't eat them all!

2/11/2015            5              The chocolate molds are great for kids party favors and as thank you gifts. My son loves the guitar. David Bradley chocolate is high quality and the best chocolate around. The milk chocolate is my favorite and is the creamiest chocolate I've ever had.

2/11/2015            5              Stopped by the Windsor Outlet. Had to try the "new" Raspberry Butter Creams. Definitely worth the trip

2/11/2015            5              The Caramels with Sea Salt are amazing and a family favorite.  My husband loves the dark chocolate and my son loves the milk chocolate.  I love them both. Amazing sweet and savory flavor!  And - your staff is always helpful and smiling too!

2/11/2015            5              Absolutely awesome..soooo fresh, scrumptious, thick, rich dark chocolate that made me soooo happy!!!  My husband ordered them today, you all made them fresh today, and I ate them with joy today!!

2/12/2015            5              Chocolate chip cookies covered in chocolate - makes milk and cookies even better!

2/12/2015            5              Delicious chocolate!  Everything is great, but the fruit, especially the apples with the honey crystals is my favorite.

2/12/2015            5              No better combo than fresh fruit and  delicious chocolate. The best! 

2/12/2015            5              When I tasted the all dark marshmallows for the first time I almost flipped.  These are by far the best I have ever tasted.  It is my first pick when I come to purchase chocolate from David Bradley. YUM!!!!!!!

2/12/2015            5              I am a big fan of dark chocolate and the salt with the bacon is incredible.  The two together should never part!

2/12/2015            5              as my wife told me this was the best gift I could have gotten her. the chocolate is the perfect balance of sweetness and creaminess. and the is always the best it could e

2/12/2015            5              This is the ultimate snack to satisfy all cravings!  The chocolate is smooth, velvety and sweet, but not too rich.  The pretzels are lightly salted so that you only taste a hint of it in each bite.  The piece de resistance is definitely the freshness and quality of the pretzels; they actually crunch when you bite into them.  I have never had any chocolate covered pretzels (even from other homemade shops) where the pretzel is this light and crunchy.  Absolutely love these pretzels!!    

2/12/2015            5              My favorite in the whole store.  They are so completely covered in yummy chocolate.  Whenever I buy them, they rarely make it home!

2/12/2015            5              This was my first trip to David Bradley Chocolatier.  Your chocolate strawberries were amazing.  My wife loved them.  I now know where to go for creative and delicious chocolate.  Thank you.

2/12/2015            5              Best Chocolate covered strawberries ever. Sea salt caramels are so scrumptious there are no words to describe. We are fortunate to have David Bradlly right here in our back yard. 11

2/12/2015            5              These Peanut Butter Smoothies are the most delicious blend of dark chocolate and peanut butter. The peanut butter is rich and smooth.  The chocolate is decadent.  Together they create a perfect blend and when eating it, it is pure enjoyment!

2/12/2015            5              I went to this store to get some chocolates for my husband for Valentines day.  I ended up buying a lot more besides including chocolate pretzels, Chocolate covered potato chips, sea salt caramels, and the list goes on and on.  Long story short i would highly recommend them for their variety and quality.  One visit and you will be hooked.  I know i am. 

2/12/2015            5              Absolutely delicious! A perfect combination of fruit and chocolate. A family favorite!

2/12/2015            5              The combination is delicious! Balanced amounts of chocolate and apples that can't be beat.  A favorite!

2/12/2015            5              My grandson loves trains and this was the perfect treat.  Chocolate is delicious and the mold design is ideal. 

2/12/2015            5              Perfect combination of the salty nuts and sweet chocolate. Makes a terrific gift.

2/13/2015            5              First time at your store, totaly impressive. Everyone was nice and extremely helpful. The samples were wonderful, and the chocolate covered grapes were to die for !

2/13/2015            5              Chocolate covered pretzels are my absolute favorite! And David Bradley's are amazing! I stop there for many different chocolate treats, but never leave without these pretzels. Yum!

2/13/2015            5              The dark chocolate covered bacon is to die for! The bacon's smokiness really brings out the flavor of the chocolate; not at all what I was expecting.  You have to try it!

2/13/2015            5              David Bradley Dark Chocolate Almond Clusters are the most savory bits of luscious candy ever.  Serve a tray of these with coffee, when company comes to visit.  Each candy has about three large almonds and the dark chocolate is smooth and freshly made.  Or, just enjoy when you are with your little own lonesome self.  They will put a sparkle in your life.  Enjoy!

2/14/2015            5              This is the best Chocolate I've had in a very long time.  My first visit was over Christmas,  just made a number of purchases for Valentines day and plan on coming back quite often.  Easy location, great staff.

2/14/2015            5              A perfect balance of chocolate, fruit and liquid.  Never thought grapes and chocolate would go together, but it is now my favorite. 

2/14/2015            5              As a big bacon fan I always have to try anything with the word 'bacon' in it. This chocolate covered bacon is sweet, savory and delicious!

2/14/2015            5              I bought these for my daughter for Valentine's day, and she absolutely loved them!

2/14/2015            5              Your dark chocolate is the best . the caramel with sea salt is the perfect combination!!!!

2/14/2015            5              These are the best dark chocolate pretzels I ever tasted! Delicious salty pretzels, covered with exquisitely smooth chocolate. Perfect for my chocolate cravings!

2/14/2015            5              My husband gave me this for Valentine's Day.  Everything was great including the gum drops and edible heart box.  Everything was gone in no time flat.  Chocolates are smooth and rich with a wonderful chocolate flavor. I'd recommend it for anyone who wants to treat their sweetie to the finest chocolates around. They won't disappoint.

2/15/2015            5              I go to DB for special chocolates for my family.  Their chocolate covered fruits, especially the strawberries, are the best you can buy.  Highly recommend!

2/15/2015            5              The dark chocolate peanut butter smoothies are the best!

2/15/2015            4              I tried the chocolate raisin clusters, and found them to be addicting, I liked biting into the chunky texture! wish I could stop at just one :-) They are sweet though with the extra sugar from the raisins.

2/15/2015            5              Very generous coating of chocolate on a hearty graham square, I would recommend these and appreciate how sturdy they are. I recently used these for party favors with my own decoration on them, they were a hit!

2/15/2015            5              Know it sounds a little odd, but the meaty saltiness mixed with chocolate is a tasty treat, can't decide if I prefer the milk or dark chocolate with these - but either way, my husband loves them too.

2/15/2015            5              These are awesome! If you like chocolate covered pretzels; this is for you.  I love the assorted toppings on them and the crunchy buttery pretzels. Order more than one to satisfy your sweet tooth and pretzel fix.

2/15/2015            5              Best chocolate bar I've had in years - dark chocolate is by far the best I've tasted!  Creamy and endulgent!!

2/15/2015            5              Very satisfying chocolate and crunchy.  The graham crackers stay crunchy and tasty for as long as you can keep them around. Of course they're so good they won't last long.  Enjoy!

2/16/2015            5              The thought of bacon covered with chocolate wasn't exactly my idea of a sweet treat, until I tried it.   OMG! Although bacon isn't the healthiest food, this chocolate covered bacon was TO DIE FOR!

2/16/2015            5              the combination of crunch and chocolate is favorite david bradley treat

2/19/2015            5              The valentine strawberries were delicious but sticker shock was unanticipated but is it is happening with all consumables.

2/19/2015            5              Can't get enough.  Best combination of sweet and crunch.

2/21/2015            5              these are perfectly delightful the milk choco over the cookie is soooo good

2/21/2015            5              I love the dark chocolate covered grahams....they're crunchy, not too sweet...just right.....and I take them like vitamins....One A Day! 

2/22/2015            5              I absolutely love these Ore-ohs!!!  The chocolate on the outside is so rich and creamy, and of course the cookie inside is yummo!!!!  When I eat DB chocolate, "Life is Good!!"

2/22/2015            5              I have been the lucky recipient of your dark chocolate strawberries twice now.  Lucky me! They are to die for! I have been buying various chocolates at David Bradley for years and have never been disappointed.

2/22/2015            5              There is nothing as delicious as your chocolate covered pretzels. YUM!

2/22/2015            5              Plain and simple chocolate. Nothing better!

2/22/2015            5              You have dipped so many things in chocolate that most people would never have thought of, and they are all great. I love your chocolate potato chips. Keep up the great experiments.

2/22/2015            5              These have been around forever. Your rendition is excellent. Everything you want in a non-pareil with that great fresh chocolate.

2/22/2015            5              How do you make an oreo better. Dip it in chocolate. Excellent!

2/23/2015            5              Absolutely love these caramels, they taste fabulous.

2/23/2015            5              Love Dark Chocolate covered Pineapple reminds me of Hawaii  well worth the trip to Windsor to get some

2/23/2015            5              Candies are delicious. We especially love DB's dark choolate, and this sample is a great mix of both milk and dark chocolate as well as an assortment of the different types of candies.

2/24/2015            5              These Milk chocolate honey graham crackers are the best I have tasted. I recommend them very highly.

2/24/2015            5              I wasn't sure I'd like it but when I tried the sample it was great!  It is hard to stop eating this!

2/24/2015            5              Best chocolate covered strawberries ever!

2/24/2015            5              So yummy and delicious. The perfect blend of the salt from the pretzels, the unique toffee flavor and savory chocolate! The samples came out after I paid for the purchases and I decided to try one. I mean wow, I had to go back to the register to buy them!

2/24/2015            5              We have been buying these chocolate covered fruits for years and they are spectacular.  We love every single one of them. DB chocolate is the best and when it's poured over fruit it can not be beat.  Highly recommended!

2/25/2015            5              These chocolate covered strawberry are high quality and always bring a smile to my face.   They are absolutely wonderful, I highly recommend.

2/25/2015            5              These are by far the BEST dark chocolate almond clusters that I have ever tasted.  I have been a customer of David Bradleys for almost 30 years and have yet to find a better dark chocolate.  I could really do a commercial for this product. Can't say enough good things.  My favorites!!! 

2/25/2015            5              Being a diabetic and a chocoholic, I am always searching fora sugar free candy that will satisfy my palate.  Fortunately, a few years ago, I discovered David Bradley chocolates and had to seek no other place to  shop.  One of my favorites is the sugar free peanut clusters.  The dark chocolate has the right amount of sweetness and tastes like regular chocolate and the peanuts add just the right touch. 

2/26/2015            5              This is by far the best candy ever! The peanut butter is so rich and creamy and blends perfectly with the dark chocolate. It is my go to candy! I made the mistake of sharing with freinds at work. Now all my co-workers have been begging me for more!

2/26/2015            5              I wish I bought more of these! They are so refreshing! The perfect mix of chocolate and fruit! The pleasure of a sweet indulence without the guilt bc of the fresh ripe fruit!

2/26/2015            5              This is the perfect combo of sweet and salty. Who doesn't love bacon...who doesnt love chocolate? Your cravings have been answered. Try these. Buy extra. Seriously.

2/27/2015            5              I love your milk Chocolate Caramels with sea salt. I also Love milk Chocolate pineapple.Both are very tasty. Yum Yum Yummy!!

2/27/2015            5              Absolutely the best fruit and awesome chocolate.  The perfect surprise gift and surprise treat.  Always fresh and always awesome.  A true w o w . . .

2/28/2015            5              My wife's favorite.  Got me out of many a doghouse.  Thanks !

3/1/2015              5              I travel from Washington NJ for your chocolates. They are the best around. Take it from a chocoholic ...

3/1/2015              5              the chocolate covered fruit is amazing!!!!!

3/2/2015              5              I absolutely adore chocolate covered pretzels and try to get them from chocolatiers all over. David Bradly's are by far the best I have had, a perfect combination of sweet and salty and the chocolate is really smooth!

3/3/2015              5              I'm addicted to these chocolate covered pretzels! The sweet and salty are perfect complements to each other, and no chocolate is better than David Bradley.

3/3/2015              5              I never realized how good the sea salt caramels are, until I tried a sample when visiting the store. It's now a must-buy every time I go.

3/3/2015              5              The two-packs of Grahams decorated to celebrate various seasons and holidays are thoughtful favors and  make excellent place card holders when entertaining. My very favorite decadent treat for myself. 

3/3/2015              5              This assortment features the AMAZING raspberry and orange creams in dark chocolate!!! Not overly sweet, the tang of the center melds perfectly with the lusciousness of the choco exterior. My adult daughter and I have been known to polish off a quarter pound at a time; sometimes paired with a favorite glass of wine! How decadent, indeed :-) Happy Spring Holidays to all.. David Bradley holds a special place in my life: I don't see my almost-30 daughter all that much anymore; two of our best "gals days out" ever have included a trip to your store! Sincerely, Marion Bergman Chocoholic, Mother,Licensed Clinical Social Worker

3/4/2015              5              I've never been a fan of chocolate covered pretzels and was given a bag of dark chocolate covered DB chocolates. Heaven! I'm hooked. Can't wait to stop by the factory for my first time. Thinking this needs to be a family trip.

3/4/2015              5              These are just as good as the chocolate covered potato chips!  Great combination!  YUM!

3/4/2015              5              Had dinner party for husband's 50th birthday.  I ordered chocolate numbers "5" and "0" for each guest.  They put them in a clear bag with a cream colored bow (they have lots of colors to choose from).  Loved how they looked on the table at the restaurant, so nice - such a perfect touch for a dinner party.  Most of the favors didn't make it out the door...once one person had tried their favor and commented how delicious it was more followed opening their bags and trying them.  ENJOYED BY ALL!!! :)  Thank you for doing such a beautiful job David Bradley!!!  Wish I would have thought about doing this for all those kiddie parties I had years ago! 

3/4/2015              5              If you like coconut you'll love these chocolate coconut clusters.  They are so delicious with just the right amount of coconut in them.  I love dark chocolate so those are my favorites!

3/4/2015              5              A great gift for any purpose.  Love 'em all, but especially am fond of the coconut buttercream, almond buttercream and marshmallow buttercream.  Try it, you'll like it.

3/4/2015              5              Love the dark chocolate with the snap of the apples...makes me feel like I'm making a healthy choice...definitely the delicious one!!!!!

3/4/2015              5              Great tray to take for a party or for a gift...great variety that everyone will love!  Quality chocolate!

3/5/2015              5              bursting with flavor, dark, nutty & salty - I'm addicted

3/6/2015              5              The dark chocolate sugar free medallions take away all the guilt of a diabetic eating candy.  It makes me feel like everyone else enjoying a treat.

3/6/2015              5              Absolutely LOVE the chocolate covered pretzels....the best I have ever had.

3/7/2015              5              Our box of dark chocolate truffles was simply delicious.  Eating these chocolates was a satisfying experience,  and we'd certainly come back for more.

3/7/2015              5              The dark chocolate covered pretzels are one of the best products David Bradley makes I buy them on a regular basis David Bradley chocolates are one of the best chocolates I have eaten

3/7/2015              5              My daughters and I went to David Bradley for the first time today and got the chocolate covered bacon. It is delicious! I have a feeling I will be buying this often!

3/7/2015              5              I bought these today for my daughter. She absolutely loved them!

3/7/2015              5              I enjoyed eating the hazel nut truffles with their great nutty taste and delicious flavor. My family also enjoys eating them.

3/7/2015              5              This sweet and savory candy joins together with the sea salt. It is an exceptional choice for completely different tastes.

3/7/2015              5              The chocolate is very smooth and flavorful, combined with the creamy peanut butter taste is a delicious combination. We look forward to Easter and enjoying these eggs every year. 

3/7/2015              5              Bought this gift box for my father-in-law's birthday. We are having a celebration in honor of him and I am excited to give it to him. I know he will want to share with everyone!

3/7/2015              5              The milk chocolate covered honey graham crackers are a perfect blend of delicious chocolate and crunchy crackers. Everyone loves them as a special treat year round.

3/7/2015              5              Bought these as a gift for a friend. They love Smore's, so what better gift. I am looking forward to having them taste them.

3/7/2015              5              I have tried this only once and it was very quenching. I plan to order it next time.

3/8/2015              5              The combination of the sweetness of the caramel and the dark chocolate was enough to make me want more.  Great product.

3/10/2015            5              These are great! Crunchy chip inside a thick layer of milk chocolate. Definitely my favorite at the store! Always pick up a bag when we go!

3/10/2015            5              Just love chocolate covered pretzels.  Dark chocolate is my favorite - something about the sweet and salt mixture tantalizes my taste buds!  Great snack any time of the year!

3/13/2015            5              Bought this last year at Easter and it was excellent.  The difference in texture between the jelly beans and chocolate makes this so good.

3/13/2015            5              My husband is a big fan of Peeps.  He has had other brands of chocolate marshmallow peeps but the chocolate was not half as good as these.  I will buy these again this year.

3/14/2015            5              The dark chocolate covered pretzels are a combination of salty and sweet   The crunch when you bite into them is a added treat818628331

3/14/2015            5              I have been a chocolate covered fruit fanatic for years but when I tasted David Bradley chocolate covered fruits for the first time, it felt like I was in a tropical paradise...the amazing quality chocolate can only be made from the best ingredients and I swear the fruit must be flown in for them weekly because they are just so fresh and perfect. I have turned on many friends and family to their products and will continue to shop as long as they keep their doors open!! DB thank you for producing high  quality products for us Chocolate lovers!!!

3/14/2015            5              Incredible, good to the last crumb, I put these in my kids Easter Basket, stocking and use them as a bribe to come visit... Both milk and dark them both...Anytime...

3/15/2015            5              Nothing like the old standards when they are delicious.  The combination of cream and coconut that melt in your mouth. Savoring the flavor as the chocolate enters the mix and warms the taste buds. A little bit of heaven. I purchase 2 to freeze for later in the year and they are just as delicious and people love having them out-of-season.  Um Um Good!

3/16/2015            5              I tried the dark chocolate sea salt caramels and they are so good. I am going give some of them to my chiropractor.  She and her family love sea salt caramels, but never had David Bradley's chocolates. I know they'll love them!!

3/17/2015            5              Delicious chocolate and a decadent fudge nut filling. We will return again for this one.

3/17/2015            5              We always return every Easter for the dark chocolate bunnies. The chocolate is delicious and for $4.99 this is a cheap price for quality chocolate.

3/17/2015            5              This is the gift to get for yourself when you've done something really nice for someone else. The dark chocolate covered crackers are the best - and if you get a bag of "seconds", it usually means that too much chocolate has been put on the crackers!!! You cannot go wrong with this choice!!

3/18/2015            5              Easter candy? What's to know? David Bradley's  THE PLACE to go!  Traditional Eggs And Bunnies too, But there's SO much more  They offer you.  Chocolate-covered Bacon Is one unique lore Chocolate-covered Gummies? Kids clamor for MORE!  Plus many free samples  To help you decide, I'm an hour away  But its well worth the ride!  So drive to Windsor, Forget the Mall, For the BEST Easter candy For one and for All!122q8363

3/18/2015            5              Marshmallow and fudge... How can you go wrong...

3/18/2015            5              My sister, her husband and kids will love the selection in this basket!

3/18/2015            5              Bought these for myself, AND the foil-covered dark chocolate eggs. I try to limit chocolate after Christmas, and was happy that it is an early Easter!

3/18/2015            5              best dark chocolate

3/19/2015            5              Cannot leave without my caramel. Best you can buy only at Bradleys.With or without seasalt. I just spent $53. on all different milk chocolates. I cannot pass Bradleys without stopping.Love it.

3/19/2015            5              Your Easter Chocolate Marshmallow Peeps 2 ozs are heavenly...I love peeps but dip them in your delicious chocolate and I can't stop eating them...I hope you have them all year long! YUMMMMMMMMMMM!

3/19/2015            5              I love the peanut butter egg around Easter time. I used to buy a different brand but not since I've tried David Bradley's version. Yum!!

3/19/2015            5              I loved the Jelly Bean chocolate bark. The combination of the jelly beans with the chocolate is genius! Fruity & chocolatey. Love it! Bought some & will be back for more!

3/19/2015            5              These are my husband's favorite, and he's very picky when it comes to chocolate. I get him a pack for every holiday and Easter is no exception!

3/19/2015            5              The milk chocolate covered grahams are my favorite thing at David Bradley. Since I've discovered them, I can't help grabbing a bag every time I stop by. And the decorated ones are so cute!!

3/20/2015            5              dark chocolate graham crackers are heavenly. They are rich and delicious and very satisfying. They are  "LOVE."

3/20/2015            5              Great combination of chocolate, fudge and nut!  Best Egg out there!

3/21/2015            4              What a great idea.  I have always loved chocolate marshmallow eggs.  This is so pretty and convenient.  Tastes great too!

3/21/2015            5              I bought a box of pecan caramel squares for my husband for Valentine's Day and they were DELICIOUS!

3/21/2015            5              I just visited David Bradley's Chocolate store - beautiful store - huge variety - great samples.  I bought several items but I really liked the Easter Candy Corn - so colorful - reasonably priced - will look beautiful in an Easter Basket.  The colors are perfect for Easter.

3/21/2015            5              I like sea salt Carmel and a big fan of dark chocolate. Yours is the best. I've had homemade and even Gertrude hawk and you win. Your chocolate is so smooth and silky. Great for all your chocolate needs.

3/22/2015            5              Best I've ever had

3/22/2015            4              Chocolate covered bacon! It was delicious and what a great idea...Enjoyed our recent visit to NJ with a quick stop at David Bradley's chocolate factory!

3/22/2015            4              This is my favorite Easter treat.   Love DB and the staff!!   Everything made with love!!

3/22/2015            5              The Boo Boo Bacon Bunny is the greatest thing since sliced bread. My son loves getting the Dark Chocolate Bacon Bunny every year for Easter. He puts it in the freezer and breaks a piece off when gets a salty sweet tooth. Everyone should stop by and enjoy the free samples for themselves!!! The employees are great and help you when you need it.

3/22/2015            5              My wife loves the dark chocolate bunny rabbit. She couldn't wait until I got home with it to savor the bunny. You can't go wrong with all the chocolate samples the employees bring to you. You gain 10 lbs. just smelling all the different chocolate!!!

3/22/2015            4              ever since I was little I would get these in my Easter basket, and if I didn't I would be devestated and my mom would go out and by them the next day for me and my sister, they are the perfect treat and every time I have one it brings me to a carefree time in my life, best candy treat ever.

3/22/2015            5              The Chocolate covered grapes with milk chocolate are absolutely amazing! The fruit is very fresh and the milk chocolate is so creamy it melts in your mouth. Everything is delicious at David Bradley and the Chocolate covered fruit is so juicy. What would Easter be without DB!!! I stopped there twice this weekend and usually cannot resist making several visits before Easter. I love DB chocolate!

3/22/2015            5              The Chocolate Coconut Cream Egg is my all time favorite! The coconut is creamy sweet and the milk chocolate melts in your mouth. This Chocolate egg is so delicious and you must try!

3/22/2015            5              My favorite Easter candy is still my bunny. Have to start with the ears and work my way down. DB Bunnies are the best, reminds me of the ones I had when I was a kid.

3/22/2015            5              I have been getting one of these coconut cream eggs for years for my mom. She comes out from Pittsburgh and says this is the best one she has ever had.  It's an Easter tradition!

3/23/2015            5              Love the cute packaging!  Just the right size and assortment for gifting.

3/23/2015            5              I LOVE this dark chocolate toffee with sea salt!!!  I simply can't resist buying it every time I visit the store!

3/23/2015            5              The pretzels are always a treat we absolutely love them!!

3/23/2015            5              I love every piece of chocolate I've had at your store! And I love coming here, especially for gifts. I just got these chocolate Grahms and my friend thanked me dearly. So Thank you!!

3/23/2015            5              If I had to pick my favorite “sweet treat” it would be one that blends the decadence of a dark chocolate with a fresh, juicy and mild tasting flavor.  As an active person who is always on the go I’ve learned that eating healthy on a daily basis requires creating a meal plan on a weekly basis.  Like most, there are those cravings for something more than a salad, but divining into consuming a chocolate cake is not really a healthy option.  David Bradley Chocolates has perfected the combination of rich dark chocolate smothered over candied ginger.  On the first bite when the chocolate makes contact with the taste buds the flavor is invigorating.  Then comes the flavor of Zingiber officinale (Latin for ginger), mixed with the chocolate, creating an exhilarating taste bud experience.  Not only is chocolate covered ginger the perfect healthy grab on the go treat, it is the spot-on mid- afternoon pick me up to the evening after dinner zinger.

3/23/2015            5              One of my favorite chocolate treats Highly recommend the dark chocolate over the milk chocolate.

3/23/2015            5              No one makes these cookies as good as David Bradley's! Try the dark chocolate version- rich and crunchy with a nice thick layer of chocolate covering the cracker.

3/23/2015            5              It's not Easter without a visit to David Bradleys'!! The coconut cream eggs are my favorite.  The chocolate is decadent and the coconut cream is smooth and savory.  Put this on your must try list!!

3/23/2015            5              No one makes non-pareils better than David Bradley!!!

3/24/2015            5              The chocolate is the best I have ever tased I also bought a white chocolate it was the greatest and the shop was small but cute and well organized I loved everything about it I plan on returning soon.

3/24/2015            5              These are amazing. When i say they melt like cotton candy. I found my new favorite guilty pleasure.  Very highly recommended.

3/24/2015            5              great dark chocolate and great sugar free products

3/25/2015            5              I was just in the store last weekend - beautiful displays.  I bought the Easter chick peeps/chocolate coating - they are such a joy to look at - spring like, bring a smile to your face - they remind me of when I was a child at Easter but even better because chocolate is involved.  Samples are fantastic.

3/25/2015            5              The best chocolate anywhere. The dark bunny is rich and creamy. The dark chocolate covered almonds are my favorite. The store offers free samples as you walk around. Little pricey but worth the splurge.

3/25/2015            5              These are so good!

3/25/2015            5              Dark chocolate and popcorn, what's not to love? good!

3/25/2015            5              Chocolate was creamy and the filling was smooth and the perfect amount of coconut

3/26/2015            5              beyond words

3/26/2015            5              The chocolate covered rice crispy treats are the perfect proportion of chocolate to rice crispy treat and it was a nice stroll down memory lane when I ate rice crispy treats as a child.

3/26/2015            5              Tried the ripple potato chip bark a few years ago. The ratio of the chocolate to chip is just right This is what I come in the store to buy, even though I may leave with more.

3/26/2015            5              I'm loving the unique ice cream flavors of the Easter eggs.  I'm hoping they get incorporated into the regular stock as well.

3/26/2015            5              Delectable fudge wrapped in delightful chocolate.

3/26/2015            5              The caramels are so smooth and delicious. The hint of sea salt add a whole new dimension to the candy. Paired with the wonderful chocolate, the sweet and salty is a burst of flavor. My very favorite. Easter for any time.

3/27/2015            5              Yummy!! These are a traditional favorite in my home.  They are so delicious and quick to eat so be sure to buy alot!!

3/27/2015            5              Fantastic

3/27/2015            5              Can't wait to sink my teeth into the Boo Boo bunny.  Had a bacon sample in the store and it was Oh So Good!

3/27/2015            5              Love the chocolate covered pineapples! So juicy. The staff is so friendly. The amount of samples that are given out is unbelievable. There is so much to chose from that it is often decide. Definitely worth the ride!!

3/28/2015            5              My absolute favorite is the dark chocolate non-pareils.   Oddly enough, I'm not a big fan of chocolate, but these are jusr outstanding!   Not too sweet, melt in your mouth, delicious!

3/28/2015            5              My husband and I were drawn to DB chocolates from the billboard on the Turnpike.  Not knowing what to expect, we are surprised to see a lovely shop with so many choices.  We were given many different samples to try, but surprisingly, the Chocolate Bacon became a fast favorite.  We will be back soon!

3/28/2015            5              I bought 5. Delicious!! This store is better than Hershey Park.


3/28/2015            5              Love the dark chocolate clusters and peanut butter    

3/28/2015            5              Loved all of the samples available in the store...chocolate covered anything, especially bacon!

3/28/2015            5              I tried this for the first time today. It was delicious!

3/28/2015            5              Visited your store for the first time. These were so good.  So was everything else I tried!

3/28/2015            5              I love the chocolates and this bunny is so perfect for my husband's Easter basket. I enjoy visiting the store, everyone is so friendly and helpful.

3/29/2015            5              The peanut butter egg is amazing - rich dark chocolate surrounding deliciously creamy peanut butter.  I have never been disappointed in anything I have bought from David Bradley but this is one of the absolute best!

3/29/2015            5              Purchased this and the larger one for years and both we and the kids love them

3/29/2015            5              So happy to have found a mint chocolate egg!! Hope the filling becomes a year-round regular!

3/29/2015            5              Can't wait to surprise my husband with his favorite treat, chocolate covered, in his basket!!

3/29/2015            5              I love chocolate and mint chocolate chip combo throughout the year but add some seasonal Easter sprinkles and egg shape, and you have the best combination!

3/29/2015            5              I bought these for my adult children.  I think it is a great Easter gift without being childish.

3/29/2015            5              We're bacon people. Good old slab of bacon people. When vacationing every summer we make sure we bring home pounds of bacon from a smokehouse we visit in the Adirondack Mts. in Upsate NY so it will last us through the winter. Let's just say its a staple in our house. So when I saw the sign on Rt. 130 that you had bacon chocolate bunnies it was just a no brainer. Bought them for my family last year and they were a huge hit so again, a no brainer for this Easter.

3/29/2015            5              This is the best butterflies ever! Not sugary sweet like so many others.

3/30/2015            5              I am amazed at the absolute prefection of this product.  I heard and ad on the radio for the Boo Boo Bacon Bunny and just had to have it.  I left the factory with so much more.  I love your candy and would not hesitate to travel the 90 minutes to get there again.  Thumbs up David Bradley.  !!!!!!!

3/30/2015            4              We saw a commercial on tv for the boo boo bacon bunny and decided to go on a family adventure the next day. Commence operation bacon bunny! Your shop is such a little hidden treasure!the bacon bunny is so delicious, the combination of salty and sweet is so perfect. We loved that we could try it before buying too! What a great day for family fun and with such a sweet ending!  Yum! our only wish is that your shop gets bigger!

3/30/2015            5              The chocolate peanut butter egg is by far my favorite Easter treat!  The peanut butter is incredibly creamy!

3/30/2015            5              Who doesn't like chocolate covered Oreos?  These are absolutely delicious and beautifully decorated for Easter.

3/30/2015            5              I'm usually not the biggest fan of nonpareils, but I bought these for Easter for the family and had to try...they were delicious.  The chocolate is absolutely delightful and I highly recommend them!

3/31/2015            5              David Bradley's chocolate covered oreos are delicious! If you like oreos you will love these chocolate covered oreos. David Bradley's chocolate is smooth and creamy and I make sure to stop by and visit every chance I get!!

3/31/2015            5              Purchased the milk chocolate buttercreams and they were excellent.  They were fresh and delicious. 

3/31/2015            5              First, so glad that you have this product as it was hard to find with other chocolatiers.  We purchased for ourselves and as a gift.  Again, the milk chocolate was creamy and fresh.  And, the marshmallow was just right...not too sweet.

4/1/2015              5              I have been eatting chocolate for a long time. This egg is just amazing! Smooth, creamy and the best thing you ever tasted! Recommending that you take the trip and visit. You won't be disapointed! The best choclate in the area! Everything you need is at your hands! Happy Easter

4/1/2015              5              I love love love chocolate cover strawberrys,but i have to say that in all my year of eatting them DBchoclates were by far the best. Sweet strawberries and lots of chocolate. They were huge too! I would highly recommend these! you get what you payed for!!!!

4/1/2015              5              this stuff is amazing, fresh, and REAL! nothing compared to other bacons and real quality. 5 stars

4/1/2015              5              i buy these every year for my sons even tho they are 29 and 18 they look foward to them love them never thought i would ever put bacon and chocolate together but it is amazing

4/1/2015              5              These pretzels are salty and sweet and delicious!  My absolute favorite is the dark-chocolate covered version, especially when they're coated in other yummy things!  These are definitely something I want to find in my Easter basket!

4/1/2015              5              Best strawberries around. Juicy and fresh! Definitely will use David Bradley again. Employees were all so friendly and helpful with orders as well.

4/1/2015              5              Love the sweet and salty flavor- what could be better!  Yummmmmm!

4/1/2015              5              One of the best and unique chocolate barks I have had.  Who would of thought jelly beans and chocolate would be so good. So different for the holiday or any time.

4/1/2015              5              This is my first year hosting Easter without an egg hunt because our kids have become teenagers, but they aren't too old for bacon and chocolate bunnies. We all love the creative combination in Boo Boo Bacon Bunny! This will become a new Easter bunny tradition in our house.

4/2/2015              5              The dark chocolate covered bacon truly combines the wonderful salty and sweet flavors that I so enjoy.  The dark chocolate is definitely steps above other chocolates I have tasted from other companies.  I highly recommend the chocolate covered bacon!!

4/2/2015              5              I really loved the dark chocolate sea salt caramels.  The caramel was the perfect consistency and the dark chocolate and salt accented it well.  I would suggest that you try this candy.  It's awesome!

4/2/2015              5              I really enjoyed sinking my teeth into the dark chocolate covered honey graham crackers.  The crackers were crisp and crunchy and were covered with a ton of dark chocolate.  They certainly didn't skimp on the chocolate which made me quite happy.

4/2/2015              5              Delicious! I bought this four pack for my husband who is a huge bacon fan and he loved it.

4/2/2015              5              I heard "Jelly Bean Bark" and crinkled my nose.  But, boy was i wrong! The jelly beans are so fresh and the David Bradley Chocolate... well, You know!!  Amazing!  

4/2/2015              5              Love these bears so much bought some for my son and husband for Easter. The chocolate is so creamy and bears so flavorful. Something different for sure!

4/2/2015              5              My first visit to this store was a great experience! I tried lots of samples and brought home few delicious treats.  I had to break into the peanut butter egg today & all I can say is "that is one rock-star egg!" Super creamy peanut butter & the chocolate is the perfect balance between sweet (but not too sweet) and creamy!

4/2/2015              5              A very good chocolate without the strong sugar taste like in the grocery stores.

4/3/2015              5              White chocolate has always been a favorite of mine but never easy to find quality white chocolate Easter Bunnies.  Thanks for offering a nice Easter selection for the White Chocolate lovers!

4/3/2015              5              Great adult Easter gift.  Would love to see it in a white/milk/dark chocolate mix.

4/3/2015              5              Oh my God I didn't know which one to choose; all good. I bought presents for grandkids and my husband and I'm having trouble keeping my hands off the presnts until Easter.  Now that I found Bradley's it will be hard to stay away .  Your giving samples out was great and I think I gained a pound just testing diferent chocolates. It was worth it!!!!

4/3/2015              5              Wow! I heard the commercial on CBS 101.1 and had to take road trip south to try this chocolate bunny and it did not disappoint! It absolutely appeals to both sides of your mouth, sweet and salty!!! Love it and will definitely be a repeat customer!

4/3/2015              5              One of the Best Chocolate Peanut Butter ever!

4/3/2015              5              My two favorite things together in one delicious treat!!! It's hard for chocolate and PB to be bad together, but DB has truly raised the bar! The best addition to an easter basket!

4/4/2015              5              Love all the chocolate bunnies but Biker Bunny is the most fun. He is fast on the way to being all gone!

4/4/2015              5              These buttercreams are delicious! I would definitely recommend trying any type of buttercream. 

4/4/2015              5              Yummy

4/4/2015              5              The chocolate over the bacon is the best taste ever. Inside the bunny is perfect for the basket.  Every age loves these!!  As I said simply delicious.  Salty yet sweet so perfect together

4/4/2015              5              These guys know how to balance the salty taste of bacon with the heaviness of chocolate. Very well put together, and worth a try if you've never had this odd pairing before.

4/5/2015              5              Bacon and Chocolate.... Two of the best foods combined into the bast tasting candy. Saltiness of the bacon brings out the best tasting chocolate. You cannot go wrong getting this for yourself or friends! Yummy for your tummy!

4/5/2015              5              Yum! Johnson's caramel Popcorm with dark chocolate was an Easter favorite! It brought us back to summertime on the boardwalk in Ocean City, Nj combined with our dark chocolate favorite. Thanks for this great creation!

4/5/2015              5              We tried david Bradley chocolate for the first time on Friday! It was so yummy. The boo boo bacon bunny was really delicious! Looking forward to going here again and buying the truffles. Tried a sample and they were good too!

4/5/2015              5              Outstanding chocolate pretzels.  Everything they make is great!  Visit their showroom and enjoy their chocolates-huge amount of samples. If you don't see a sample of something-ask!  Everyone who works there is knowledgeable and very helpful. People come from miles away for their chocolates.  I know because I am one of them! Warning-it's difficult to buy only one package of something!

4/6/2015              5              Got these for all the bacon lovers in my life this Easter! They were a huge hit! Chocolatey AND salty and bacony and delicious!!!!

4/6/2015              5              Love Oreos on their own, but covering them with chocolate takes them to a whole new level! These are the perfect treat when you are craving cookies and chocolate. Delicious and a great value.

4/6/2015              5              I loved the dark chocolate bacon bunny so much I ordered 2 more! "True" dark chocolate (that is, chocolate is the first ingredient, not sugar), crispy bacon. Absolutely delicious.

4/7/2015              5              The dark chocolate is excellent.  It has a rich, deep flavor with a creamy texture.  There is a pleasant full aftertaste. The chocolate is enhanced by the contrast of the almonds.  The thickness of the bark is just right, thick enough to give it substance without being too hard on the teeth to crunch.

4/7/2015              5              Remembering from my childhood milk chocolate crackers it is great to find them in dark chocolate! The right combination of crunch with the perfect thick coating of delicious dark chocolate.

4/8/2015              5              Chocolate was yummy. Worth the drive from south jersey.

4/9/2015              5              This chocolate bunny was such a hit with my family over the holiday. They could not stop talking about how delicious it was. I will be buying my family chocolates from this store for all upcoming special events and holidays.

4/15/2015            5              We had a few different assortment boxes and they were all delicious. Milk chocolate not too sweet, and dark ones not too bitter, just perfect!

4/16/2015            5              Wednesday April 15 my co workers and I visited the chocolate factory during our lunch, we came from the N.J. State Police in Ewing Twp. and it was an amazing experience.  Everyone was so friendly and the sales clerk who worked the floor was very generous with the samples. I can honestly say everything was delicious but my favorite of all was the chocolate covered oranges, the absolute best chocolate covered fruit I have ever had!!! One of the guys who I was with had the apples and he was impressed as well, we talked about our visit all afternoon and look forward to coming  back soon with more co-workers!!!    

4/18/2015            5              I LOVE all of David Bradley chocolates, but the variety that I ALWAYS buy, for myself, family and friends are the chocolate covered pretzels!  Dark chocolate is my personal favorite!  The combination of sweet and salty, with crunch and smooth delicious chocolate is just something we can't resist!

4/18/2015            5              they are delicious. I get excited when they are one of the samples being offered.  you can taste the outstanding quality and freshness with ever chew.  Keep up the great work!!!!


4/19/2015            5              We first heard of DB from the billboard on NJ Turnpike just before Easter last year. It was advertising the BooBoo Bacon Bunny...we made a detour to check it out...AMAZING! Chocolate and bacon...two of my favorite things and now they are together! I love the combination of sweet and salty and smooth and is a taste sensation like nothing I have ever had! We tell people about them all the time. This year we bought extra and shared! This is now on our yearly trip schedule!

4/19/2015            5              My husband and I have traveled the world and tasted the chocolate everywhere and this is absolutely the best we have ever had.

4/19/2015            5              I love all of DB chocolates, but this is absolutely my number one favorite. The consistency is awesome and I love the combination of sweet and salty.

4/20/2015            5              I love dark chocolate.  I have eaten all kinds of dark chocolate from the least expensive at the local candy store to high end, such as Godiva, Jacques Torres and the like.  None of them compare to the dark chocolate break up at David Bradley's.  I have tasted several David Bradley dark chocolate products and they are all absolutely delicious.  I love it so much that I could be the poster child for David Bradley dark chocolate.

4/20/2015            5              These are simply the best dark chocolate covered graham crackers I've had.

4/21/2015            5              All of the milk chocolate products are amazing! I especially love the chocolate covered pretzels; they are so colorful too!

4/22/2015            5              The dark chocolate almond bark is my absolute favorite. I'm not a fan of milk chocolate because of the sweetness. This dark chocolate is just sweet enough; the texture is firm and quick to soften in the mouth and there are just enough almonds to add the crunch. The balance between chocolate and nut is perfect.

4/22/2015            5              Delicious! Great combination of salty and sweet!

4/22/2015            5              These are delicious, especially the dark chocolate.

4/22/2015            5              The dark chocolate raspberry jellies are absolutely out of this world.  I have had one every night since my husband bought them for me - pretending that because they are sugar free that they are "diet".  I will have to place an order soon as I am almost finished with the package my husband bought me in the store!

4/23/2015            5              I just picked up a half a pound of these yesterday, needless to say it should have been a pound.

4/23/2015            5              The chocolate pretzels are delicious. They have just the right amount of chocolate to blend nicely with the salt on the pretzels. The chocolate is not overwhelming which makes this product even better. Definitely going back for more!

4/23/2015            5              Perfect consistency. My wife loves the dark chocolate and I score major points when I buy it fOr her. It is delicious

4/23/2015            5              These were delish.  I wanted to hide them from everyone else.   The staff is genuinely nice here.  Can't wait to go back.

4/24/2015            5              Cheryl Shapiro 9 Cummings Road Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852 732 598-4505

4/24/2015            5              these are so delicious!

4/24/2015            5              I had tasted for the first time the chocolate fruit and it is simple delicious.  I purchased the orange slices which are very juicy and the grape clusters which are one of my favorites. David Bradley's chocolates are so worth the trip to taste!!!!!

4/26/2015            5              We love all the chocolates from DB but the milk chocolate caramels are our absolute favorite!

4/26/2015            5              For the first time I visited your chocolatier store and omg it is honestly the best chocolate I have ever tasted. I use to think Monmouth candies was good but now that I found David Bradley chocolates I will go out of my way for your chocolates! And I've never met such friendly people as I have met the women who work at David Bradley's chocolate store! Thank you for such a great experience!!!

4/26/2015            5              My daughter bought me this chocolate covered fruit that was delicious and would make a great present for anybody.  6 McKnight Ct, Cranbury, New Jersey

4/26/2015            5              I bought these in dark chocolate and omg they are so good!!  The dark chocolate was thick on the graham crackers and full of the fruity flavor so famous for DB Chocolates' dark chocolate.  They are such a delicious addiction.  I highly recommend them.

4/27/2015            5              Delish. Buttery and nutty. My fav.  My husband's fav is the dark chocolate covered pretzels.

4/27/2015            5              My new favorite treat is sea salt chocolate. Went into DB and WOW! I don't think I can ever have another brand. These Caramels are not gooey and sticky where you are finding remnants for days. They melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more. I will be back!

4/27/2015            5              was kinda leery   love grapes and chocolate  but combined??  were we pleasantly surprised!!!!    really yummy  delicious   refreshing  and again YUMMY   thanks for making this marvelous treat   

4/27/2015            5              best dark chocolate cashew clusters ever.  i always bring David Bradley chocolates as hostess gifts. 

4/27/2015            5              On my first visit to David Bradley Chocolate, I sampled milk chocolate covered ginger and now I am hooked. The smooth, creamy chocolate and spicy ginger makes for an irresistible combination. I stop by for some whenever I'm in the area.

4/27/2015            5              sublime!  dark choc and bacon...what more could you want...delicious

4/29/2015            5              This is such a pleasant surprise! A light and crisp bite beneath a lovely chocolate layer. In either milk or dark chocolate, you just can't go wrong! There's a nostalgic feel to this candy that will leave you satisfied. Guaranteed!

4/29/2015            5              Best bacon I ever had.  The sugar free candy is great, it really taste like the real thing, most sugar free candy doesn't taste like the real chocolate, but David's chocolate is great.

4/29/2015            5              It's a seasonal item that I wish could be here all year round. It has that perfect blend of sweet and fresh. It's chocolate is so creamy and delicious that the blueberries compliment the taste it's like having strawberries and champagne

5/1/2015              5              The Non Pareils are always my go-too food when visiting David Bradley.  The chocolates are divine and the seasonal sprinkles always lend a nice, festive touch. 

5/2/2015              5              Great product! Rich chocolate covered pretzels, delicious! Highly recommended to purchase for a sweet treat!

5/2/2015              5              I tried a sample in the store and immediately ordered a 1 lb. box for pick up on Mother's Day.

5/2/2015              5              The first time I ate one of these Double Dipped Chocolate Chip Cookies, I thought I died and went to heaven!  They are so very good and the cookies are so fresh and full of chips.

5/3/2015              5              I had never had a truffle before and now I am hooked!  These are the most delicious melt in your mouth chocolates ever.  When I say melt in your mouth.. I mean it literally turns into liquid gold.  Thank you for your delicious chocolates David Bradley!

5/4/2015              5              loved the orange buttercreams. so delicious. especially the dark chocolate ones.

5/5/2015              5              I never heard of it until a co-worker brought it in.  NOW I'M HOOKED!  Shear words cannot explain how awesome the experience is!

5/5/2015              5              I've seen the billboards everyday on my way to work. A little voice inside my head told me "don't do it,". But I did anyway. On Sunday , we were in the neighborhood and found our way to the factory!! Rosy was so welcoming. We tried several different outrageous pieces of chocolate, our favorite being the dark chocolate covered pineapples...need I say more? It was the best chocolate experience in a long time. We couldn't make up our minds so we bought a little of everything.  Thank you so much!  We will be regulars. THE BEST !

5/5/2015              5              Wow....just wow!  The chocolate covered oranges were juicy and decadent!!!

5/6/2015              5              I bought a box of the mixed chocolate covered fruit for my mother for Mother's Day.  She loved it!  She couldn't say enough about how delicious it was.

5/6/2015              5              The milk chocolate covered graham crackers are the best.  The perfect blend of crunchy and not too sweet.  Love them.

5/6/2015              5              I love the dark chocolate pretzels, but these caramels are the best!

5/6/2015              5              The chocolate covered orange is the greatest thing since white bread.  The tanginess of the orange combined with the dark chocolate, is absolutely great.

5/6/2015              5              The dark chocolate is absolutely the best!  Had fun reading the reviews - now I know that I am not the only addict!  I have not met any David Bradley chocolate that I did not like but I have to admit that the dark chocolates are truly my favorite!

5/7/2015              5              This chocolate bar has the perfect flavor and texture. They leave me feeling ultimately satisfied. I highly recommend both the milk and dark chocolate varieties.

5/8/2015              5              Delicious!!!!!

5/8/2015              5              Really enjoy the dark chocolate covered grapes and oranges

5/9/2015              5              Every special occasion I buy the chocolate covered strawberries!! they're delicious!

5/10/2015            5              My family took me for a Mother's Day surprise (woo hoo!!) While we were deciding what to buy, a sample of the Dipped blueberries came around. Oh My Gosh! They were so good, I have no idea how you got them so juicy, but they were amazing! Will definitely be back for dipped fruit while they are in season! I feel so lucky to live pretty close to such amazing chocolate!

5/11/2015            5              I had visited your factory for the first time today.  What a pleasure !! The staff was very friendly and prepared to answer all of my questions. I purchased your dark chocolate covered potato chips  and they were EXCELLANT  !! I have tried them from other shops in the area  but the quality of your chocolate is family will be back  !

5/12/2015            5              Discovered your chocolate covered pineapples when originally shopping for chocolate covered strawberries (love them too). The free sample convinced us and this is now the family favorite. Fresh, juicy, delicious!!!

5/13/2015            5              one of my favorite treats .... mmmm

5/13/2015            5              the chocolate is super smooth and rich.  combined with just a little bit of saltiness makes an outstanding pretzel.

5/14/2015            5              Every so often when my chocolate tank is low, I MUST visit the shop and get my dark chocolate ORE-OHS.  They are the best !

5/15/2015            5              Double Dipped Tate's Cookies are our family's NEW favorite.  Great for Hide and Seek treats.

5/15/2015            5              They are absolutely delicious!!!,

5/17/2015            5              The dark chocolate Peanut Butter eggs I had for Easter were some of the best I have ever eaten They were creamy & the mix of dark chocolate & peanut butter was outstanding

5/18/2015            5              I had heard wonderful things about your products so I had to make the trip to see what everyone was talking about. Everything I heard was true. I bought a number of items to share with my coworkers.Your pretzels are the best! Your staff is eager to offer samples and help you locate your favorite chocolate desires. Great presentation in your showroom. Can't wait to return.

5/18/2015            5              We have a popular chocolate distributor in or area but DB chocolates are the best. Creamy, melt in your mouth deliciousness!

5/18/2015            5              This are so delicious!!! I always have to get a bag for my husband when I stop in!!!

5/19/2015            5              Awesome & I'm typically not even a potato chip fan!

5/19/2015            5              I am overwhelmed with flavor when eating the caramels with sea salt!  These are my favorite chocolates in the shop.    This is a wonderful store with pleasant and professional staff on board.  I always leave David Bradley Chocolates with both the best chocolates around, and a pleasant shopping experience! 

5/20/2015            5              Love Love Love anything David Bradley..especially the chocolate covered pretzels...I have to stop myself from stopping at the factory each day after work!!!!

5/20/2015            5              Love Love Love these...have to stop dropping in at the factory!!!

5/21/2015            5              The milk chocolate covered grapes are one of my most favorite David Bradley Chocolate items!  I can seriously eat a whole pound of these juicy, sweet, balls of chocolately goodness!  The fruit you use is always so fresh and combined with your chocolate, it is heaven!

5/21/2015            5              I will be picking up some of these delicious chocolate covered blueberries to bring to a Memorial Day party this weekend.  I LOVE the chocolate fruit from your store as it is always so sweet and delicious.

5/22/2015            5              Love, love, love David Bradley chocolates. Excellent quality dark chocolate made with loving hands.(I don't usually eat milk chocolate but I'm sure it's fabulous too) Been going to the factory store for years. I have eaten chocolates all over the world and these are definitely some of the worlds best... and right here in NJ.  Find their address in Hightstown, NJ. Go there and eat and buy chocolate. You will be addicted.

5/22/2015            5              All the chocolates at David Bradley are fabulous but my all time favorite is the dark choc covered pretzel. There is a thick choc covering that is excellent with the salty pretzel. World class treat. Buy them, eat them, you will be in heaven. 

5/25/2015            4              We loved your toasted peanut brittle. It was delicious! It was soooo tasty! I would buy that product all again!                   sincerely,                   The Bhat Family                   

5/26/2015            5              peanut butter smoothie. the best! creamy inside, dark chocolate outside. it dose not get any better. I try to eat only four at a time, but it is tough

5/26/2015            5              High quality for an unique delight, rich & smooth taste...  Thank you for sharing an amazing chocolates with us, your customers.

5/27/2015            5              These PB smoothies are delicious.  There is the right amount of milk chocolate and peanut butter where it is not overly sweet, but delicious in taste.  These are my absolute favorites and I would recommend them to anyone who loves the chocolate/PB combo!

5/27/2015            5              I love the chocolate covered grapes - both milk and dark chocolate - the combination is great and the grapes hold up very well if not all consumed in one day!

5/27/2015            5              Delicious!  My box had milk and dark chocolate in it.  Blueberries were plump and fresh!!  Will come  back for these!

5/28/2015            5              I LOVE these chocolate covered graham crackers. They are just the right amount of chocolate on the outside with a yummy crunchy center. I watch for these in the "clearance" section. They are the BEST!!